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Rust Cheats


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This is a review for the rust product. Overall it's very good except for a few technical Issues.

Interface: 10

intuitive, I could understand what the options were and easily set it up. Also compared to other cheats my config actually saved!

ESP: 9

From a technical level it's a 10, but at larger distances it can get rather cluttered. For instance setting it to 500-1000 meters and looking for dropped weapons and players will make things very cluttered. Make sure to bind the extra visuals toggle and use it otherwise your screen will be cluttered. Also every ~ 60 seconds it stops working for 1-2 seconds which can be jarring in the middle of a fight.

Aimbot: 9

I could really only head get head/chest targets working, crosshair loses focus and starts firing upwards unless you have no spread / no recoil enabled. It might be a little suspicious that I'm only getting head shots so while it works perfectly, this makes it very obvious. I kept spread and recoil untouched and vis check turned on otherwise it's really obvious you're hacking. when you're aiming at people through walls.


It has crashed my game a few times, and I've had to reload in and hope nobody was near my body. Since rust can take 10 minutes to log in this was my biggest issue.

Support: 10/10, they know their stuff and it gets solved!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 - once you get the hang of it it's great but the crashes and cluttered ESP can make it really difficult to use effectively.

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