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Dayz Cheat Honest Review


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I'm gonna break this review up into a 3 different parts.


Clean, customizable and most importantly not resource heavy!! I can enable every visual setting and still remain a solid frame rate. Although the filtering system might need more clear labels as the only way to see all objects around you is to enable the modded server feature but other than that flawless. 


Silent aim is crazy. Works flawlessly and is overpowered. You can kill anyone on a distance of 1500m through any surfaces/ objects. Not the best for closeting but thats where the mouse aim comes in. Has a smoothing feature to adjust how snappy it should be. Whats great about the mouse aimbot is that it remains being accurate even with smoothing applied.


As for the misc features such as time and freecam they work perfectly. Force third person appears to not work but that never bothered me as everything else works flawlessly. As for the actual setting up and running the cheat it is extremely easy to do and very straight forward. 10/10 Big W from Kernaim

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