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Apex Legends Review

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Hey, this is an Apex kernaim review. I've been using it for the past week and this going to be an honest without any sugarcoating.

I'm going to scale features from 1-10.


Legit Aimbot - 9/10     (extremely well built for those who want a slight assist in aim and not locking onto targets, making it very subtle)

Rage Aimbot - 6/10      (This cheat isn't for you if you want to hardcore rage and get banned within a day or two, it's meant to last long and decrease your chances of getting banned, nevertheless, you can still rage with it)

Recoil Compensation - 9/10   (It does the job)

ESP - 8/10     (It's great but not perfect and I'll address the issues below)   


I think these are the most important features to bring up the other ones are not deal breaking. So now I'll give a few pros and cons of the cheat.


Pros - 

1. Very easy to setup

2. Very easy to launch 

3. Very active and supportive staff (Yes you SUKUN!! as well as the rest of the reputable staff members)

4. Very friendly community once you join it

5. Cheat is well-made and safe to use

6. Hard to receive a ban (cheat hasn't been detected for almost an entire year)

7. will be receiving constant updates according to the dev and staff.

8. It's external.



1. requires a flash drive  (Not a con unless you don't have one)

2. ESP sometimes lags mid-game but it's fine regardless.

3. Glow ESP sometimes makes you crash. (I believe the fixed it now because I'm not crashing anymore)

4. Doesn't include rage features (Not a con unless you don't mind getting banned everyday)

5.doesn't include config save files, meaning you have to redo all your settings every-time you launch (Dev is working on it though)


Honestly that's all I have for now. Used for a full week didn't get called out once, had a blast and even got an heirloom while cheating. 

Overall rating  -  9/10 (Perfection doesn't exist but this is definitely up there)

My personal rating - 11/10 (because I got a free heirloom on my main account while I was using the cheat)

Hope this helps future customers and Kernaim respective owners.






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