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Kernaim Rust Cheat Overall rating | 9\10

Aimbot | 8/10
Very solid, can't complain but I feel can be better. 
Silent Aim | 10/10
Works amazing, extremely hard to even tell it's on until you turn it off and you go from missing all your shots to a 10k-hour rust player. Extremely OP feature

ESP | 8.7\10
SO many options for both player esp and item/ore/etc esp I can't even name them all with an infinite amount of uses for them. Def one of the best Rust ESP out there. However, It freezes for a few seconds every now and then. And after a few hours of gameplay, it completely freezes indefinitely, unfortunately, and requires you to reinject it. They will fix this without a doubt, but review is based off of current gameplay.

Misc Options | 9/10
The always-day feature is incredible, with no bugs whatsoever. The FOV feature is extremely useful as well, and then the spiderman and instant eoka!

Price | 9.1/10
The price is 100% worth it . 

Detection/Ban| 10/10
Tested for 24 hours, got a 3 day temp ban but that is normal for new rust accounts. Cant wait to be back in 3 days 🙂 Loving this cheese so far and look forward to the future of it.

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