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Rust Review


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Aimbot (8/10)

This feature definitely does its job; however, as of right now, the max smoothing still feels very snappy and locks on hard, just be careful if you prefer a legit playstyle. The developers have made it known they will update this soon and allow higher smoothing. For me, the vis-check and team-check features didn't work, not sure if that's just me, but I have reported this as well. Works well with bow/crossbow.

ESP (10/10)

Perfect for me, I've used other ESP providers and this one has made it very easy to toggle between "combat mode" and "normal mode" (looting mode). Easy to recognize the little things, would appreciate if team mates had a green box though instead of a red box like the rest.

Misc Options (8/10)

Good, helpful features, don't really use them much myself because I prefer to look as legit as possible, but would definitely be better with debug cam.


Easy-to-use interface, able to load & save your config.


Came from Kernaim Apex, another great product which I used for months without any ban.

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