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my THE FINALS kernaim experience


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Sup gamers 🤡

Been using kernaim for 7 days now and am pretty satisfied, so I´ll leave a feedback.

Menu 10/10 - easy to understand | configurate - not buggy at all. 
Aimbot 9/10 - If you´re a closet cheater <- Kernaim is your solution. 
ESP  7,5/10 - looks pretty decent but disappears every few minutes for 5-6 seconds (idk why, could be security reason due to EAC taking screenshots.) + needs to fix vis-check
Misc 10/10 - you can turn on/off crosshair/watermark/radar - works for me, nothing more needed
Radar 8/10 - I´m not a radar fan bc I rather user ESP but overall pretty clean radar.

Overall 9.3/10 - after using kernaim for 2 days I recommended it to a friend who´s also a satisfied customer now ✔️

I can recommend to anyone who wants to look as clean as possible.
Not banned. 

tip: if you meet a chinese rage cheater who´s aimbotting over the whole map -> Bone: head -> FOV: 200 -> smooth: 3 (works if it´s only one rager)  


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