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Dayz Review


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Hello together,

want to share my experience with Kernaim Dayz cheese! 

I would like to make it short and write 10/10 but c"mon, yall want to know why, am I right?


1) Aimbot  - 8/10. Works fine , however, not with all weapons it work pretty stabile. Sometimes I can't hit a target from 100m with BK-18, sometimes I can shoot in the head from IJ from 300m. But all in all since this option is not crucial for me  - I dont really care, I use it mostly in critical situation and have not so much experience in this

2) ESP  - 9/10, not all of the items are visible, was here and there bit of buggy (cars were showed as with loot when they were empty), But! Nothing, that makes me personally angry or unsatisfied. Not seeing grinding stone on the map is not such a big loose, you know. I love radar function, since it helps to react quick on fellow cheaters, also I like the fact I can customize the color of the every box.

3)  Freecam, cross on the screen, and now even the coordinates / everything works smoothly , 10/10

4) Service   -  devs are sitting in the TG group, and guess what - they use advices to make an improvements to the cheese. So many useful function were implemented, and most of them I saw in suggestions. I personally appreciate the hard work and client oriented approach. Yeah, as some people mention, there are some moderators, that could be angry and sometimes say something unpolite. But happens to all of us, right? We are all people after all, we could be tired, could be irritated, or upset, for me personally it's not a big deal.

Not everywhere I gave 10/10 so why my overall rating is 10/10? Because the 4th aspect in my list for me gives some extra respect points, and from there comes 10/10


Thank you guys for the hard work !

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