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My honest Apex Legends review


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Usability / Functionality: 10/10
The usability and functionality of Kernaim's Apex Legends cheat are top-quality. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate and configure settings. The cheat is very smooth for usage and it's easy to set up the features. You can tweak many settings to fit your preferences, making it perfect for everyone to use.

Features: 10/10
Kernaim's cheat offers some great features that significantly will help you climb. The Aimbot is precise and customizable, providing it to look as legit as possible. The ESP features are comprehensive, offering clear visuals of enemy positions and vital game information. The extra features, such as Spectators, are handy for watching if someone is spectating you, helping you stay low-key without getting noticed. KernAim also includes an aimbot feature known as "deadzone," allowing you to aim and move freely within a designated zone on the enemy without the aimbot locking onto them. This feature enhances the aimbot's legitimacy, especially when observed by spectators. Moreover, the cheat is entirely streamproof unless you activate the glow ESP, which may become visible to viewers.

Security: 10/10
Kernaim's cheat demonstrates a commendable commitment to security, making easy anti cheat look like a company full of clowns. The cheat has been undetected for 1 year now and still going really strong. This instills confidence in users, knowing that they can enjoy the benefits of the cheat without the constant fear of being flagged by anti-cheat systems. It's important to note that personal responsibility, such as avoiding untrusted features, plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure experience. 

Support: 10/10
The support from Kernaim's staff and the community is exceptional. Staff members are responsive, helpful, and committed to addressing user questions and concerns. The community itself is welcoming and supportive, creating a positive atmosphere where users can share experiences and knowledge. The combination of responsive staff and a helpful community enhances the overall satisfaction with the cheat.

Conclusion: 10/10
In conclusion, Kernaim's Apex Legends cheat delivers it all. The usability, features, and security aspects collectively create a cheat that stands out.. The dedication to providing excellent support further solidifies Kernaim as a trustworthy and user-focused provider. If you're looking to reach masters and predator for multiple seasons, Kernaim's cheat is a reliable and feature-rich choice.

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