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Aimbot 10/10: I know some people want it to snap harder but trust me this is superior. It is smooth even on rage settings. The aimbone selection is awesome, I've been testing head and it randomizes by default so not all of my shots are headshots. "Nearest" aimbone is still the safest and you can absolutely cook people in diamond + lobbies and still look legit. 

ESP 9/10: it's great, just what you expect from an ESP. I like the skeleton setting in place of glow, that way you can see when they are using a bat or healing. I would have given 10 but glow is still problematic and sometimes results in bsod. Not that I care personally, just being honest.

SAFETY 10/10: I've been using this cheat for a month and a half with no ban, and for the last two weeks I've been semi raging (I lower the fov real quick when spectated). I'm really impressed with this, I know the aimbot doesn't snap like some others, but that's one of the reasons it's so safe, and this is more than enough.

If you want to hip fire laser people at 250 meters and get banned in a day then this isn't for you, if you want to climb the ranks while looking legit and keeping your account safe this is the best cheat on the market, and at a great price point.

Also it's worth mentioning that devs are consistently updating and improving the cheat, which is awesome. For me this is the only cheat to use.

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