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DayZ cheat - Coming back for more


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I bought this for two weeks at first, coming into the "Cheat scene" very sceptical. "will i get banned? will i be able to play for hours before it happens? Is it anticheat proof?" ... But i gave it a try and havent had a single regret about it.


Once the payment went through i got an email with the steps i needed to take before i could use the cheat. No need to be an computer wizz to do them. I booted up the cheat and went live. The menus makes sense, and was not hard to use. At this point i didnt use aimbot. As i wanted to look as legit as possbile. I ran into some problems, regarding getting the cheat to boot up correctly, but after some help from staff it turned out it was on my side. Some programs bugging the cheat. It all worked out great and i came back for a month sub.


At this point i wanted to try out the aimbot , and got some "settings" from the staff so i could play as legit as possible.. The aimbot works great! *BE WARE* : It will teleport bullets through walls thats not supposed to be shot through , so use at own risk. My self i have it turned to 10-20 FOV and 100-200m. And i allways make sure i have clear line of sight before firing.

Whilest i have had the cheat the developers (Kernaim) have made several quality of life updates, the cheat is more stable now and they also have added some things to the cheat : HP on players, making players tagged as friendly.. "Green box". and i suspect the aimbot will not activate on them. (not confirmed).. 

If an update is required the cheat auto updates. So you are secure the whole time. 

Im enjoying the hell out of this cheat and im coming back for more, this time i probably will buy 3 months. This cheat just gets better as time goes by.. (updates etc).

10/10 stars from me! 


PS: Sorry for my english, if its any faults :D


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