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The Finals review


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I've been using Kernaim daily for a week now, closeting with streamers and other people in top 50.

Aimbot: 5/5 -- Both looks and feels legit, perfect for closeting, have never gotten any comments about aim being fishy since using KA.
Visuals: 2/5 -- I thought they were a little janky and not always 100% accurate, but I also haven't been using them since testing, so maybe it's just something you'd need to get used to, or could have been improved since then.)
Misc+Others: 4/5

Overall: 4/5 -- Kernaim has always been very secure and stable in Apex where I've used them before, and so far The Finals is looking to be the same.
It feels nice to use and support is always fast if needed.

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