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Apex Legends - Honest Review


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Hello, everyone! Here is my honest review of the Apex Legends Cheat. I have been using it for multiple months now without any BAN or Infraction to my account. I do not play RAGE. I use KERN to closet cheat and play as close to legit as possible.


Overall Ratings:

  • Aimbot (10/10)
  • UI (10/10)
  • Glow (9/10)


The KERN cheat software offers a user-friendly interface, making configuration quick and efficient without requiring extensive tinkering. Its aimbot and prediction capabilities provide a realistic experience suitable for discreet cheating in games like Apex Legends. I can report consistent performance without FPS drops, though results may vary depending on hardware. The Glow feature, an alternative to ESP, is better suited, in my opinion for its effectiveness but may exhibit occasional inconsistencies, possibly due to security measures like Screenshot Protection.


Overall, KERN presents a compelling option for players seeking a balanced cheating experience, with its easy setup and realistic features outweighing minor issues like Glow inconsistencies.



  • Easy to use (UI)

The User Interface is easy to use and even though there isn't an option to save your config, it can be setup very quickly so that you don't need to spend lots of time tinkering with options to get back to how your cheat was setup on last injection.

  • Realistic Humanized Aim

The Aimbot and prediction feels much more realistic than most cheats I have used in Apex Legends. This is great if you're someone who is looking to "Closet Cheat", rather than rage.

  • Performance Consistency

In my time using KERN, I have not noticed any FPS drops, or other performance impacts that are negative. Given I am using a high-end GPU, take this with your own hardware in mind.

  • Glow (Chams)

I haven't used ESP once since I have been using KERN. The Glow feature can be setup and is much better IMO than using full EPS. Again, this is wonderful for those of you who are looking to play Semi-Legit / Closet Cheat.



  • Glow Inconsistency

I only noticed the glow feature to be somewhat buggy at times. This could be due to Screenshot Protection, or other security factors, but this is the only con that I have noticed with the consistency of the glow esp.

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