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AIMBOT: 9/10 - Aimbot is working very smooth and its very accurate when you are trying to aim with your self also 😄 . Recoil compensation is a master of piece work really well.

ESP: 8/10 - Glow is the most cleanest feature and its awesome, Would like to give 10/10 but somtimes game stability (crashing) with glow is annoying. Loot esp is a good adventage at the start of the game and its working very good also like boxes.

MISC: 10/10 - Misc is simple theres nothing you can add here

Overall opinion is 9/10 Cheat is amazing also kernaim staff is really helpful and active 24/7. Key recompensations are so often so its showing that kernaim staff wont make you fell like you are wasting your money and time! 

I havent used kernaim for a couple of months but everytime when Im coming after break and Im using kernaim apex its feeling so safe about my account!

In the future would like to see options like trigerbot maybe superglide or any aim options that helps aiming with guns with single fire. Its only suggestions!





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