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Honest Apex Review


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My honest review after almost 1 month on the Kern Aim the Finals. 

Let's start with:
Aimbot: 7/10 - Would have been a 10/10.... but for some reason the aimbot is very jittery and glitchy it might just be my settings if so whoops

Visuals: 6.5/10 - they work, but they are not accurate. From larger distances there is quite some offset, also it tends to freeze the visuals in place and not tracking players but will unfreeze after a good few seconds.

Security: Had it for a day so not to much to comment on

Launcher and Updates: 10/10 - Updates are always fast and the launcher is working well, very good 🙂

Installation procedure: 9/10 - very easy and fast to setup.

Overall I am very happy and would suggest others to use the product.


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