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Honest Review EFT Cheats


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I’ve tried a handful of many cheat softwares and by far Kernaim has some of the best QOL features. It’s super easy to inject, works well, and comes with many features.


One reoccurring issue however is the esp cheats disappear with around 10-15 minutes left in Raid. Tried many memory workarounds, running ISC and everything, but never found a solution. That is one problem I have with the software.


Aimbot, no sway, no recoil, arent as great as what it used to be. Misses a handful of times but works most the time. Takes a while to get used to and I’ve learned to actually aim in the game since I don’t rely on it so much now. 


Although i’ve had many issues trying to get the software to work, reinstalling Windows twice from corrupt files, errors in the cheat, and just flat out not working sometimes, the cheat finally works and the customer service is absolutely top notch.


I absolutely love that I can save my settings so I don’t have to set the parameters every time. The amount of tweaks I am able to adjust and filter using the cheat software is almost endless. Filterings items, their price, colors of text, items, etc., it truly is endless with the amount of personalization. 

I want to personally thank ssukun for helping me dozens of times and trying and finding solutions for every little wrong thing.


Customer Service: 5/5

EFT Menu Features: 4/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Overall: 4.8/5

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