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Apex Review


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When I found this cheat, I thought it was another cheat that was gonna BSOD my computer or just straight crash my game and then break my computer but nope. This is one of the cheat out of many that actually worked so smoothly and didn't mess up my computer or my game. 

The prices are honestly so good for how good the cheat is especially when there is a sale going on which makes the cheat even more affordable and fun.

The ESP and Glow is perfect for the type of game Apex is although having some item ESP would be pretty cool as well, I don't mind how it is right now as the most important ESP is the player ESP and that is what works best.

The aimbot is absolutely perfect for legit cheating as people can't tell that you are aimbotting if you have spectators watching you. Although the legit side is very good, it would also be nice if there was a rage option for aimbot like silent aim or hard lock or even a lower smoothing but none the less I have been playing for 4 days and still haven't gotten bad so it seems like this is one of the best cheats there is.

I would give this cheat a 9.5/10

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