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The Finals, My Honest Review


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I've been using The Finals mainly playing "legit" in ranked play for around 3 weeks and have made it to Platinum 3 in Ranked.


I've used 2 other cheat providers for The Finals and have been playing since the Open Beta.


The first cheat provider I used offered day keys which was Chod's, this was a really bad experience and compared to Kernaim, I would avoid avoid avoid.. horrible website, delays in delivery, troubles injecting and actually resulted in me having to re-format and install Windows again due to "Anti-cheat" and "System integrity check" crashes.. which is something I have never once experienced with Kernaim. Overall the tool was not as good in even the slightest.


The other tool I have used is System and this was a more positive experience, but at the price point it makes absolutely no sense to purchase this over Kernaim.. there are regular updates, great tool and just generally it is better.


So here's my review after sticking with Kernaim.



My favourite part of the tool... use either Player or Crosshair targeting, use a dead-zone to offset from the hitbox, adjust your recoil compensation and focus enemy teams, wow.. you can make this look so legit but feel so good at the same time, and it is really customizable. Feels great to  use.




One important thing to note here, is that this is something that the team are aware of, and are actively working on. The ESP is good 70% of the time, but unfortunately has some issues with inconsistencies on tracking to players which means you have to see/register them first, which actually isn't really much of an issue. The features are great, I use cornered box with player lines, and it looks very clear. The changes that I'd like to see here do not effect the use of the tool very much, and this is just a desirable change to be honest!




Albeit the problems with ESP, this is by far the best available cheat on the market right now for The Finals at this price point, the regular updates, great track record, customization.


I will 100% continue to use Kernaim, the staff are super helpful and communicative and they have great support that responds in a very timely manor. Just all around very easy to use.

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