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Apex legend Review


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Aimbot - 10/10

aimbot is simple to use and set up with so much you can tweak to get it to you liking and say fully under the radar with how the mechanics of this works. And a nice little additional of “Disable when spectated” is a real nice feature to stop you getting watched young something stupid.. but the way you can set this aimbot up is perfect so it looks pure legit.

VISUALS - 10/10

Yet again it’s so simple to set up and doesn’t hammer too many useless features into it to add risk for no reason.. let’s be honest you just need to see the enemy at the end of the day.. but again, so many little tweaks you can do to make it to your liking.


Kernaim definitely put in the work to keep this as undetected as possible and they have done an amazing job with how they accomplish this.

Feature request - 

Maybe something in the visuals that allows to toggle a certain type of weapon e.g “Smg’s” “assault” or “Marksman rifles” so you know the best direction to run first and by this I mean something like text esp and not the glow option.



Update the features in more detail thread as some options need removing 😛

keep up the great work!


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