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Hello all!

Recently I got back into EFT and in the past I have been banned while using products from other providers, but I built a whole new PC a couple months ago so thankfully that wasn't a problem for me. I have always been a "closet" cheater and know how to play in this manner, so I wanted to look for a provider with some security. After reading the reviews here on the forums, I decided to try out Kernaim.

My experience:

Whenever I am able to get everything working, it is great. With the ESP, it is not buggy at all for me, and the screen is not too cluttered depending on what you set obviously. The aimbot works well, I get thorax kills almost every game which is what I have it set too. 

The only problem I have is that whenever I inject, the options do not always work. The menu pops up, I can interact and select/deselect options but while in game nothing works, stam, esp, etc. I followed the guide to make sure I wasn't missing anything located on the forums but it did not help me. Sometimes I have to restart my pc 5-6 times for it to work. I BELIEVE THIS IS A ME PROBLEM, as others have not mentioned this and it works just not all the time for ME. I am still working on a fix for myself and will update when I have found one in case anyone else has this issue.


I believe it would be nice if the following could be added -
-Quest loot esp (ESP for current quest loot)
-Mine ESP
-For the exfil esp, maybe making it to where there is an option to show only exfils you can use? I'm still newer to the game with that knowledge and often find myself having to run around aimlessly and try each exfil before I can leave
-An option to not have any movement effects when walking through brush/barbed wire
-Player chams

Overall, I would recommend Kernaim for EFT. I am looking forward to using it for this next upcoming wipe.

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Hey, thanks for your review 
Concerning the injection problem, I think we talked about it in your ticket with the possible fix 
For the suggestions, some were already in the pipeline and will be added in the next few weeks :D 

Feel free to post your review on our Elitepvpers topic to get free time on your license : Link to our topic

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