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Apex Legends Cheat Review


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I've purchased Kernaim's Apex Legends hack multiple times now, and have had a total of around about a month with experience on the program.

Firstly, I will say that this program has probably the most easy to install instructions and guidance. There are a plethora of different ESPs for Players and loot options one has available to them; one of my favorite has to be the 'Loba' loot option, which can show you specific pieces of gear through walls when you're on the hunt for specific loadouts.

The adjustable deadson and smoothing on X/Y makes it great to remain stealthy during gameplay, including both Deadzone size and Nearest Bone aiming. I've never experienced crazy jerks to aim onto players, and have grinded multiple seasons to master with this program. This is perfect for closet cheating, and with the right settings It can provide great advantages to ranked play, and positioning.

Sometimes, when the cheat is running, the ESP will freeze, which is why i'll give the cheat an 8/10, as sometimes it'll happen when you're in the midst of a teamfight--other than that the program is easy to install, easy to use, and provides a plethora of different options to toggle on/off.

Highly recommended, not banned with over 40+ hours of gaming ranked and apex with this. Was able to attain a 4k/20b on multiple characters.

Love this cheat! Thank you Kernaim!

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