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Honest Review: Kernaim Rust on Highpop


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After Using rust for 2 Wipes heres my rating and honest review:

Visuals: 8/10
The visual components of Kernaim are what you would expect from an ESP. Sadly i never could get the the Minicopter and Polarbear ESP to work but maybe there still something setup wrong so i wont blame this on the Cheat completely. (support is good and is actively accompaning me). Of course you wont get the snappiness from an Internal but thats to be expected from an External and dont get me wrong the snappiness is quite god for an external ! And id rather have a undetected external than an detected internal.

Aimbot: 9.5/10
The aimbot is really nice and can be customized to be more smooth and legit or semi rage and snap on heads like theres no tomorrow. While its really dependable you should watch out when using the default config as it has the "check visibility option off" and it looks a bit  suspicious if you snap to random people 200m away when bow pvping. A couple of extra settings would add to a more custom fitted experience and possibly raising it to an ideal 10/10 but that might just be because ive used a lot of CS cheats recently.

Security: 10/10
As far as security, ive been using it without problems play legit and the server admins wont ban you manually. Also the Kernaim Rust cheat has an impressive Undetection streak compared to other providers in the pricerange.

Launcher and Updates: 10/10
Nothing much to say here. Nice launcher shows you the most important infos and gives you clear warnings.

Payment 7/10
While paying with crypto is the most convenient, if you only have Paypal the resellers can essentially (apparently) use their own price. For example on Kernaim it says ~40€ in Crypto and when you look at the reseller for Paypal it says +10% fees (which is completely normal and understandable) so i would think of being able to buy the Cheat for ~44€ but in the end i had to pay 48€ for some reason.
That still is a great price for this cheat but the Prices should have been more clear in case of paying with paypal.


All in all, Kernaim has shown to be dependable and productive. While there are regions for development, the positive perspectives like the quick updates, secure use create it an Product I can without hesitation recommend to other people.

See the uploaded image ? Welcome to WIPEDAY with Kenaim. (trio)


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