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Apex Review

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Used the cheat for 2 weeks and heres my honest review with it.

Starting with the Pros:
-Aimbot is pretty solid and never gave me any issues durring the whole time using it. I used a range of 70 fov with 7 smoothing and 10 deadzone to 70 fov with 1 smoothing and 1 deadzone and both worked as intended.
-ESP // Visuals are really solid as well as the radar hack is very very useful as well as the color changing is good and dosent break as often as other cheats.

-In Terms of misc things the disable aimbot  upon spectating feature is really good and works very well never had an issue with it.

-It really is fully streamproof I just wish there was a way to turn it off but I understand why thats not an option.

Now the Cons:
-Aimbot I wish there was a zero smoothing or a full lock on feature. If there is and Im just slow pls let me know.
-The visuals sometimes just cut out or freeze but the glow stays I'm not entirely sure what thats all about.

-Injection process rarely breaks but when it does I'm warning you to not inject twice it will blue screen (Not so much a con I'm just slow)

- no bunny hop 😞 

Overall its a solid cheat and 9/10 I do recommend. There are some things that arent ganna be fixed just due to EAC so its understandable that its not perfect but if you are there to closet or just get an upper hand its really good!

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