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Apex Honest Review


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So I initially purchased Kernaim last year in December. I renewed for my birthday in February and was surprised...

My initial playthrough was intimidating, because of the fact that I come from no experience of using these programs. However, Kernaim provides excellent introductory videos within their website. The videos do a good job at simplifying each menu option. After downloading and thoroughly reading the instructions, the program was ready to be used with no hassle.

One thing that stands Kernaim from the rest is their customer service. The team is professional and their check-out process was a breeze. I have not tried other Apex providers outside of Kernaim, but I am pleased to have renewed my subscription. One thing that surprised me upon my renewal, was how often the team updates the program. From initially downloading back in December, the ESP max range was 250; in February it was 350. This shocked me, not only because of upgrade, but because of the frequent monitoring from the Kernaim team. This lowkey proved to me on how Kernaim is able to stay on top of things.

The program is your standard menu, compared to the providers I saw via YT videos. During my playthrough, I test multiple FOVs, Aim smoothing values, ESP etc, and after a few days, I was able to configure what works best for me. During some games, I would experience accurate ESP, other games the ESP would lag randomly. I tried the Glow option back in December, and was met with game crashes. Although, I have not tried the "Glow Option" recently due to fear of my game not crashing. If the "Glow option" was stable I would run it instead of the ESP tbh. Maybe I will test it in the future. The ESP is super great when it works. Personally, for ESP I run: skeleton and distance ONLY, with box turned off. This gave the "Glow option" effect that I dearly love. 


The program is sweet. I have played Apex since Season 0 on console, switched to PC during the pandemic and just playing ranked on my main account, and to be honest... this is the most fun I've ever had. During ranked matches and end games, I purposely turned off the ESP not to garner any accusations or reports. I also experimented the ESP ranges, Aimbot fov, Aimbot distance, and have not been banned during my play though since December. I also play on controller, with a couple Steam binds, I am able to configure the Aimbot with my controller. Although, I tend to experiment on/off not to gain attention. 


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