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DayZ review

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Used it for the past day now and I gotta say its pretty good and I only have two minor complaints/requests

I frequent a modded PvE server and the Item ESP is good but it really would make the difference if you could add item name filters through the menu or even the .txt file that could be loaded with ur settings so I can filter out all the trash i'm not looking for, this would benefit the PvP servers im in as well

Another thing is it'd be awesome if the panic key (numpad 1) was changeable, a few servers i'm in used that as a button various things and muscle memory always gets me and I have to exit the game, yada yada..

Overall though its good and i'd recommend it, easily an 8/10 and could be a 10/10 imo if these changes/additions were made



After my week subscription i'd say it still stands at an 8/10, it would really benefit from the additions I mentioned

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