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EFT Review


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Hello, I've been using it for 2 days and I'm going to put what I saw in these 2 days, as soon as my license runs out I'll put another one after all the experience with kernaim.

Aimbot 4/5 - The aimlock is very good if you want to play legally, although when you activate it you put a "no recoil" and that's why I put 4 instead of 5

Player/Scavs ESP 5/5 - The wallhack is very good, it has everything you need as far as players and scav are concerned.

Item ESP  3.5/5 - It's pretty good, but it could be improved by adding more customization things, when changing the colors it doesn't change and it would be nice to add the dynamic alpha as in the esp of players.

Misc 5/5 - All features are so nice.

Config 4/5 - Its working, but some features doesn't save.

Support 5/5 -  I made only a one ticket and they answer me in <5 mins.

Optimization 5/5 - It doesn't have fps drops.

Overall 4/5 - Its a very good cheat if u want to play legit and safe.



Aimbot: If is possible in external, silent aim and draw crosshair.

Player/Scav ESP: Head circle, put green skeleton if player is your friend.

Item ESP:

```Remove all checkboxes RUB 0 <> 1000 and put two sliders to set the minimum/maximum price of containers loot and world loot.

And add checkboxes for custom color by price like Very Valuable (price >100000) Valuable (price >50000) Common (<50000)

If the loot is inside a container put a title at start like:

Container (in red for example)

Loot content

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