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after I've spent about a month using Kernaim Apex Legends cheat. In short, it's been a fun experience using the tool. The ESP works as advertised.  aimbot when it is activated it does not have any problems whatsoever and does a great job tracking enemies. The configuration of the smoothness/FOV works as intended and can adjust the aimbot to look very legit.

Overlay 10/10

This section is to discuss the overlay for using the Apex Legends cheat. It's very simple to understand, so I'm going to give it a perfect score here. The overlay works just as intended.

ESP 9/10

The ESP does a great job of showing where the enemies are...it is simple as that. Nothing too fancy with it, which I appreciate it. That in itself (the ESP working) is my main reason of giving it a 9. Where the other point goes (and these are minor things that are either under maintenance/to be worked on) is the following:  glow was the only thing not stream proof for me other than that everything else worked perfectly.

Aimbot 9/10

at first the aimbot was Shakey for me because i use a controller and i know we are supposed to remap entire controller but id rather have aim assist at the time but they recently updated the aimbot and now it works flawlessly with my controller buttery smooth and looks very legit. It does well from the close, mid, and long ranges that I have tested in trios and in ranked. It is very configurable to where you can have semi-legit/legit play without looking obvious. In addition to ESP, I believe the aimbot is a core for a lot of users and that it needs to be fully functional. I think kernaim Apex cheat does just that. 

Overall 9/10 

To wrap up, I recommend purchasing this cheat if you are looking for one to use on Apex. The ability to play semi-legit/legit is there. ESP and aimbot work as advertised and I have had a blast using it. I have played on my main account so far and have experienced no issues with bans. Taking into consideration that using this cheat can lead to a ban AT ANY TIME, it is nice to see that I have not been hit with anything (ESP is very bannable and noticeable in itself, but playing smart will relieve this issue). I wish it came with a triggerbot also apex comes with a dx12 version that the cheat wont work on unfortunate because it runs so much more smoother than dx11 version would be awesome to see any of these added in future.

The kernaim team behind this Apex cheat are an awesome group of people

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