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Short Review of the Cheat after a couple Days of Use.


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Visuals: Pretty Good Customization, has Pretty much all the features i expect, Vis Check and a Head-Dot would be nice to see, Enabling some Features (Mostly "Fix Scopes") caused my ESP to Lag/Trace behind a bit. The Loot Filters are also Pretty Nice to Use.

Aimbot: I Pretty much only use Aimbot against Scavs and for that It is (Almost) Flawless, the only issue i have/had is with the Bone Selection, i selected only legs and it still goes for the head, but  overall the Aimbot is Solid.

MISC: Max Strenght, Instant Examine, Infinite Stamina, 2x Search, Thermal Vision, and Especially Loot Through Walls are Features i absolutely love, and it made my playing experience way more enjoyable.

Conclusion: Overall This Cheat is Pretty Solid especially for its price, and if they can keep this Cheat UD for a while its probably the best Option for me.

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