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Tarkov Review From a Old timer


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Alright i'll get started with i've been around the hacking seen since Unreal Tournament.  been a customer of numerous suppliers and  i have used Chod's back in the day for tarkov.

i've used yazzn's (banned after 6 days..)

used paks for a long time till it got nuked into orbit




Currently prediction isnt great  but it's already improved quite a bit in just the week i've been useing it.

Legit settings don't always work properly which there working on

But if you wanna rage it's there for you




Missing some Key QOL features. IE able to look up Quest items like bronze pocketwatch Etc.

But very customizable with a Great loot filter you can change to your hearts content. 

Easy to read and adjust

Any issue's i've had has been resolved over the week by the devs making changes and listening to there customers (Rare these days)


No Recoil.

10/10 . Need i say more?


Misc options

9/10 - Only because it's missing some small things. However probably better not enabled as it isnt safest options in the world

Max STR. 

no visor/Thermals/Nightvision


Unlimited Stam



Overall. First Tarkov cheat in 2 years where i didn't suffer a ban after a week.

Very responsive and helpful dev team


All in all a Solid 8/10 across the board and im sure it will only get better.


IF you're looking for a new tarkov cheat and you've been  burned a few times. i'd grab these guys.



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