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[EFT] Short Review


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Aimbot: 4/5 - I'll give this a 4/5 only because of 1 issue, that is the aimbot will just randomly stop working every now and then. But when It does work It's great.

Visuals: 5/5 - Could use with a little bit more customization and cleaning up, but overall It works as its suppose to and performance Is great.

Misc: 4/5 - I'm only giving this a 4/5 because I haven't used much other than Show Ammo Count, Extractions & sometimes Loot Through Walls. I haven't used any of the others like Third Person, Radar or Thermal etc. But even just those 3 that I use is enough to get a 4/5.

Config: 4/5 - Would give this a lower score if it wasn't for the recent update which allowed you to have multiple configs, such a good option to have.


Overall I think this cheat Is really good, I've been very blatant and I've also been legit, 4 days in and I'm still not banned, the constant updates and adding of features is really cool to see and definitely makes me want to come back after my week is up.


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