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My Review of KernAim (start to finish)


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Hello. I've been using Kern Aim's Tarkov for a few weeks now. I'd like to discuss my experience with you all and share my thoughts. I'll start at the very beginning, which would be ease of access for payments, website layout, etc. and end up with a review of the actual product and its features as well as the stellar support by the support staff.


First off, I like many of you probably found this website through EPvP'ers. The ad was clean, they had reviews, good enough for me. A separate thread asking "what's the current best one to use" had users overwhelmingly saying Kern, it sealed the deal for me. Initial thoughts on the website was that they've spent money on it, which would indicate they plan on staying around for a while, which is already a positive. As for ease of access for payments, I was able to use direct card purchase. This is another clear sign of a good company who wants to be around for a long time. There are other payment methods for those who can't buy with a debit/credit card for whatever reason as well.


Having liked the website and the ease of payment, I now have a key. Downloaded loader, input key, it updated, followed the setup guide as written, had 0 issues upon first execution. It booted up fine with the game and was golden. I noticed that about every time I had closed the game and reinjected, it had updated. This thing is constantly updated, sometimes several times a day. I don't need to tell you that this is top notch work here. Most I've used never patch until a new game patch comes out. They are on top of their work and constantly trying and successfully making it better. Very cool guys. If you have problems with getting the loader to work and/or execute correctly, just read the directions. It worked flawlessly out of the box for me and I followed every step outlined in their directions.


Solid website, easy payments, automated key system, never needed to reach out to staff for any reason at this point, everything's working great. Now let's discuss the loader, the hack and the features. For the hack, they use the usb method. Simply plug in usb, run as admin the loader, yank usb and run game. If you can't figure this out, idk what to tell you. No weird driver to install on kernel level or anything, super simple, love it. Your greeted with tabs when using the key to bring the in game menu up. Aimbot has several features including various settings for recoil control, various bones to target, smoothing and keybind mapping. ESP has several features for showing player pmcs, player scavs, cavs and scav bosses. This includes names, distances, total stash worth, boxes, trace lines etc. Another tab for visual looting gives alot of features for selecting what type of loot to show or by how much value, quest items, etc. The visuals will show items by various types of worth, such as avg flee value or trader value. The only complaint for loot visuals is the lack of a dedicated food tab of any kind. Having 3 boxes for Food, Water and Energy would allow people who are hungery or thirsty to very quickly find those items, as atm you just need to know what items to manually type into the loot finder and that can be a big problem when other hackers are following you. The Misc tab has some very spicy options you can also enable. If you'd like more on those features, you should probably go ahead and buy the product.


From the ad on ePvP, to navigating the website, to paying, to loading up, to playing, it has been an easy and hands off process and have not needed any help figuring anything out and it all worked flawlessly out of the box. Constantly updated as well, big plus. Now, my family had a pretty big tragedy last weekend. I reached out to the staff, and the overwhelming amount of support I received from various members of the staff was astounding. Between dealing with the cleaning company, banks, moving companies, other financial institutions, they were all awful jackasses and could not have cared less. The only people who have shown any understanding or kindness or compassion was some good lads on a game hacking website. Really top tier guys here, I'm a fan for life now. 


Overall: 9.5/10. I will change it to a 10/10 when they add food/drink options to the loot, which I bet they will! Def the best tarky chair I've used so far and have no need to look further for a new one.

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