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EFT Honest opinion


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Mostly fine it works well everything like they said but...


You need usb stick (we need to know soon)

On rtx 3060 cpu:i5-12 and 16gb ram it works... just meh after 3-4 hrs of gaming it just glitch left and right.

Didnt saw 2 players on esp and died by one of them.

1 of 2 party members vanish too cant see box/name or anything

Dont sometimes items esp display is without logic 60k stash showing on blue (blue my color for items 300k+)

Rarly items esp vanish too.

neck and head are same hitbox (head)

got one pc freez like i nothing i can do just restart by button


ok now to good things

Aimbot works just good missing rarly  my rate would be 7,5/10 (would be nice to see more hitboxes (ears eyes groin) 

Esp  visuals are pretty clear 6,5/10

Recoil 10/10 you can set it how you want

Loot Esp and how you can setup is great.


Kernaim imho is 7/10

Just work on stability and ram flod

Add lvl of the enemy pmcs.

Add worth of pmcs based on what they have in backpack/rig too not only main items.

Add special color for devs/mods/sherpas so we can avoid them 🙂

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