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EFT Review/Feedback


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So far it has been pretty good.

Some issues that I experience:

Sometimes my PC will blue screen when starting the cheat. Eventually it will work normally only happens once. 

For the aimbot, it simply does not work with anything that is has a magnified sight. If you are using a scope don’t use the aim key you have set, it wont hit the target better to hip fire instead. Works perfectly fine with iron sights and non-magnified sights. Holo sights are off a little too. Not sure if this is fixable or not.

Something I wish was available was an esp indicator of some sort for when you have line of sight of someone. Sometimes it is hard to tell with all the trees and bushes if the enemy is behind a rock or something.

Things that work well:

ESP of players and items, works pretty good, glitches out sometimes and says objects are closer than they really are but doesn’t happen too often.

The super skill features like Max strength, unlimited stamina, and max magazine all work very well and have saved my life in some cases.

loot through walls is great, sometimes i can complete quests that would normally require a key and grabbing a quest item in a room but i can just grab the item through the wall without buying or finding the key. Or even some marked rooms I can position myself to loot an expensive item in the room through the wall.

I would rate 8/10. If the aimbot worked with scopes would probably be 10/10.  


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