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Apex Legends Cheat


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I have already put out a review on this cheat but I'm coming back 4 months later to further re-enforce my statement.  I have been "closet" cheating on games for a long time now, as far back as early release of H1Z1, so (2015/2016). Every cheat I have ever used ends up getting me banned within 3-4 weeks. I have been using Kernaim for around a year now, and have been using consistently using this cheat in ranked. When i started this cheat, i would rarely use the aimbot because i have 6000 hours of LEGIT playing on Apex and have gotten pred rank without them. Cheating had started to run ramped in the Apex community so i figured why not get some ESP to combat these issues. I bought this thinking it was another cheat that will probably get me banned within a month and whole-heartedly was ready to lose my stacked account over it. I am blown away by this company, their support, and security measures.

        For 4-ish ranked apex seasons, i have used Kernaim and havent had a hint of doubt about my account since the beginning. I have pushed the limits of this cheat and used aimbot to "ragiest" setting i can but it still looks legit, that is one of Kernaims biggest security features in my book. It doesnt let you fully adjust your aimbot where it will become unbelievable and obvious. I have 100% killed pro's with this and they have all said i had good shots or i was nutty (I also have 3 recent pred badges  equipped with 98k kills on path, so it add another layer for people reporting me). This cheat is unstoppable.

       I cannot guarantee that every user will be as lucky as i have been as i dont know how the Apex anti cheat weorks or how Kernaims code is, i partially think that my hours and past ranks have helped me avoid any punishments as im sure anti-cheat team can see hours and past ranks and kind-of make a decision on that. But that goes to show that Kernaim is truly undetected when they say it is. I will forever push the narrative that this ABSOLUTELY is the best legit cheat on the market and i wont lie when i say, i will continue to buy this until my bank is drained LOL. 

        I hope this reaches the right people and you decide to buy the best of the best, have a great time with this and enjoy winning. 





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