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Warzone Gaming Chair


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Let me just start off by saying the staff here are absolutely amazing! they get you solutions with the Quickness 

Now lemme jus say the chair is great. took a min to get the right shit figured out performance wise, still tweaking that a bit. however. i question if the aimbot actually works thats how smooth its working. my mouse has aim assist and i couldnt be happier. the esp lags a tad however if you use radar only then it doesnt matter. menu is easy to navigate. would be cool to somehow put the menu on my second monitor so i dont have to enable my cursor in game to mess with settings. would also be cool if i could save my config. although being its not hard to change em manually its not a huge deal. i think ima stick with yall for a min. see how long one acc lasts whilst playing closet/legit.


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