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XDefiant Test Review.


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Was sceptical at first.

This is going to be my HONEST review, and not some sweet talking!

Better be honest, then lying.

This is my personal pro/contra!



-Easy setup

-Easy to manage, install etc.

-Nice menu, good overview of all the features.

-ESP works and is a 8/10.

-Aimbot is working also but is  a 6.5/10.

-Price in discount 100% worth it.



-Esp Really laggy. Tried many things,nothing helps. Needet to disable some features to make it work without Lags.

-Not the best aimbot in the world, but it gets the job done. 

-Price in non discount, really high for a F2P game in my opinion. The discount prices should be the normal prices.



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