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xDefiant Review


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ESP 10/10, offers everything you need. (Skeletons, Box, Name, Heath, etc.)

Aimbot 8/10, offers two inputs for the aimbot, has smoothness for the X and Y axis, and has customizable FOV size. Everything you need to dominate, only thing missing is a visibility check.

Misc 9/10, miscellaneous features offer a Radar and the option to remove the watermark and cheat's built-in crosshair.

Detection 4/10, I would love to rate this higher but the fact the cheat has been detected twice since it's release (only has been out for a week, first one being 6ish days ago, and the most recent one being today) is putting this rating down further than the others, especially considering the game is BattlEye which is known to typically be an easier anticheat to bypass. Still no hate to this provider, just providing an honest review.

Overall 7/10, not a bad cheat at all, comes packed with everything you would typically look for in a cheat, I would just like to see the detection factor smooth out a little bit.

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