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EFT / dayz Cheat


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I use it for 1 month on tarkov and 2 weeks on dayz. Most importantly, I got no bans on both games.

Esp is great. I would like to see the list system like on tarkov where you can search for an object to display on the esp.
but I'm very happy with it for both games.
ESP 10/10

The aim bot is not too legitimate I think it should not be used too much. On dayz I feel like it doesn't work at close range on zombies.
aimbot 9/10

The additional features on both games are great. Running endlessly on tarkov is great or loot through walls.

I definitely recommend kernaim. The installation is very simple in a few minutes we configure it.
I would really like to have premium membership unfortunately I paid for the two games separately.

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