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EFT 5 star Review


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This is my review of the EFT "enhancement". 

purchased the 1 week to try out,I was not disappointed.Very easy to setup,instructions were clear and precise,I had no need to use support at that point,however I did later on for a question I wanted answered and recieved a reply very quickly.

The features are amazing and work very well.There is only 1 feature I wish it had which would be to specfy exactly waht items/loot you want to be displayed and to display only that.I have tried to use the filters to that effect but if there is an option,I did not see it.

Other than that I do highly recommend this,so much so that after my week was up I renewed for a month.It has just ended and I will renew again in a few months when I pick up more $.

My Rating- 5/5

Thanks for making this product Kernaim :)

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