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I tried the loader for one week and I must say it works as advertised. I was really satisfied with it.
I have no use for the aimbot not only because I like to aim on my own, but also because I prefer to use the knowledge of the presence of other players to ambush and rob them, and if they comply I let them live. This caused some pretty fun interactions and it does not completely ruin the experience for my opponents. I do not find interesting killing unaware people from hundreds of meters away. But this is my preference and the loader lets me do that.
On official I died from other cheaters (some of them do not respect the wiggle ^^) and when I respawn I can count on the loader to get food and weapons quickly.

Then the week expired, so I renewed it, but although I followed the instructions It does not seem to work anymore for me.
I checked and re checked everything, followed the troubleshooting guide, restarted the pc countless times and after still no success I opened a ticket, but it's been 24 hours and I am still waiting for a reply. It's really frustrating because I can only really play on weekends and I already lost 24 hours of time. I understand it's the weekend and all, but it is supposed to be 24/7 support.

Edit : Issue was resolved thanks to support. They added 2 days to my subscription because the lack of support for the weekend even thogh the issue was on my side. That's better than most businesses I know. Thanks to the Kernaim team, great job!

Suggested improvements:

Add specific items to highlight, for example food only, because it is in the consumable category with melee weapons and other things sometimes it is not clear because, suggestion number 2 :
The text on the overlay is too small or maybe I need glasses. Make it optional to make the text bigger and / or find a way to avoid text over text
Explain what magic bullet does and how to use effectively.
Add different view distances for different items


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