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XDefiant - 5⭐


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I've been cheating for a very long time now in a lot of different games. It's a great passion of mine. Out of all the cheats that I've used, I can proudly say that this product and developing team are the most impressive combination I've ever seen. From security to the value of the cheats itself, it's top tier. I decided to purchase a day key for their XDefiant product on the last day of the closed beta, just to see how it would perform and what Kernaim has to offer. The aimbot and visuals are exceptional and don't cause any impact on performance. The product is also very streamproof, I was unable to capture the product in OBS, even with third-party overlays enabled. I would've loved to record a video on the product because, so far, I'm honestly having a really great time. Well done guys.

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