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EFT - Review


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A Quick Review from my Side, I used different Solutions with different Features.

Regarding Kernaim, overall a good Solution with some Room for improvement.
The problem with the "Room for Improvement" is, that those missing Improvements are important and are crucial for a smooth gameplay does not matter if for Legit or Rage settings.

Visibility Check is not an option at all, and that feature is crucial to not get caught that quick. It's hard to spot people in Dark spots like Fortress or in the Resort for instance. You will find yourself shooting through Walls because It's no always clear where the enemy is exactly, mostly when you're in the middle of a big fight.

Smooth options seem to not work properly. I try'd to play as legit as possible, but the Aimbot seems to just instantly lock on the Target no matter what. What is it with the Hit-Scan selection? If you leave it on Default, does it just take the closest one to the Cursor or not? It seems to just be locking to the Head no matter what.

Aimbot does not work properly at close combat. 

ESP is good but not smooth, stutters a lot when you turn your camera. We also need a Combat mode where we can turn off not only Loot ESP but also Extractions and Scavs. It's just way better to fight larger groups without useless Loot or Scavs filling up your Screen.

Misc: Loot trough Walls works only on loose Items, not Containers. Maybe just for me?

Lastly, something regarding the Stream Proof.
Why do you have a Streamproof option if people need to turn off Overlays like Shadowplay, so the Game does not crash on you?

All in all, Kern is still good. It's cheaper then other Solutions and provides most of the same Features.
Aimbot 8/10 (Fix Smooth, Hitscan Selection add Closest?)
ESP 5/10 (Missing visibility Check and Combat Mode)
Misc: 9/10 (Loot trough walls improvements perhaps)

Keep in mind, this is just my pov and thoughts. I have been, as mentioned before, using different kinda Solutions for a period of Time and just felt like if you add those missing things, this would be, in my opinion, the best one so far.

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