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Dayz Cheat


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I've been using this dayz chair for over a month or 2 at this point, has worked very well for  the meanwhile, apart from it not loading properly the first 10 or so times i try to use it, after that its been smooth sailing, not a big aimbot user myself, as i prefer to aim without it auto locking onto enemys or wtv, but I have tried it on vanilla servers, and it works flawlessly i can say. The visuals are pretty bloody good for dayz i must say, only problem is the lack of the visuals feeling like they run at very low FPS, and not being able to turn it up, is a bit annoying but i understand as its external and runs alot better with them low, would like a FPS slider for the ESP though.
I've only had 1 ban so far, and thats really nothing to complain about, its been very good to me so I 100% recommend kernaim, for anyone looking to have a very undc dayz cheat, for the most part its been near perfect.

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