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definitely one of the best cheats for tarkov ive ever used with all things considered. i purchased and used for a few months at the beginning of the wipe December 28, 2022. I have not used in a while there was one detection a few months ago but by that time i was already burnt out of the game with 2 Kappa accounts with one having a 900kd at one point LMAO. I hope to use Kernaim safely for the next inbound wipe soon. a few things i will point out about it that made it great.

1. Great customization/loot filters

2. Esp was great, loved the dynamic alpha option to highlight the colors on closer enemies. so you know who to focus on.

3.aimbot worked very well for me. with other cheats i found it very hard to win HvH but with Kernaim i was able to trash talk and shit on these "Labs Gods" lmao.

4.configs can be saved.

5.no bans for several months (which tbh for tarkov, you are mentally insane if you are playing the whole wipe consistently jk lmao)

6. The dev seemed to be on top of things, at least when i was using it, the telegram shutdown a while back so im not sure if things have changed. but trust me when i say the cheat improved heavily from when i first started using it to when i last used it. (without the 1 detection ofc)

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