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Honest DayZ Cheat Review


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For the last six months I've been cheating on DayZ using a variety of different cheats from different developers. Long story made short -  of all the different cheats I tried, I found that KernAim offered the best package at the best price (specifically the 1 month and 3 month options). Here are a few reasons why.

First thing I noticed is that when I play at a 4k resolution - other hacks I've tried often have font and interface elements which are too small, but that wasn't the case with KernAim. Having to bump down my resolution to use cheats is never ideal, so I'm happy that I didn't have that issue here.

Something else I noticed is that all the included features for the cheat (aimbot, ESP, magic bullet, etc.) - simply works. Other cheat packages I've used in the past included specific features I wanted to use but they were often buggy or unusable. 

Last but not least, I've noticed zero performance impact from the cheat, unlike cheats I've used from other developers.

As far as issues goes, the only issue I've had with the hack is that occasionally my cheat injection completely disappears during gameplay, requiring me to restart my computer and re-queue for my server. Having said that, it's infrequent that I experience this. If it bothered me enough I would ask tech support, which is very quick to respond.

There was also a moment, about one month ago, that the cheat was detected. I simply stopped using the cheat after it became known that the cheat was detected, and then resumed once it was undetected again (about ~8 days later). Thanks to the quick status updates from the KernAim team, I was not detected by recent banwave and none of my accounts were banned. Bravo!

After growing accustomed to playing DayZ with KernAim's hacks - I don't want to play the game without them, because it's too much fun. Thanks for reading.

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