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In my opinion KERNAIM is one of the best ( if not the best ) public cheats provider I've seen, and I tried alot prov. And was banned every time , but KA allowed me to cheat in APEX without any issues, haven't been banned since I'm using it its almost a month , I started with a fresh account and didn't play with closet or legit looking configs  and still not banned , I'm in the apex testing group and I really tested the hole menu with all its features,  to stay fairly I gotta say the skin and weapon changer made me crash all time I used it but truly isn't a thing 😊 all over I can say the best menu in terms of security and quality for a legit looking playstyle if you have 0 aim its not a good choice but if u have a little and I mean a little bit experience in terms of fps games  you will love the aimbot bc looks legit af no need to worry about banns .

Thank you KernAim-team keep up that professional work 👏 💪 

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