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Firstly, I wanted to thank the Kernaim development team. I have already had the opportunity to try other products (including the one for Apex), and I wanted to trust the product for EFT after the last Detect, given the team's honesty.

However, I will rate the features that are offered below.

Price 10/10
No need to comment, the price compared to the rest of the market is the best around.

Aim - 9/10
Nothing to say, it's intuitive and the related features work well for those who intend to take the legit path.

ESP - 7/10
My score would be 10/10 if it wasn't for the serious absence of the visibility check! Apart from that, the price of the items is updated every time it starts, it's a very valid product.

Misc - 8/10
Very useful features like the ammo count or the LTW, the heavy absence is the Infinite stamina, I hope that it can be updated someday.

Final Score - 8

For me, the most serious missing feature is the visibility check, otherwise, I would have easily given it a 9/10.

Thanks again to the Kernaim team.

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