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Hello to all,

This is one of the best cheat providers out there.

Updates 100/10
Game is not out for 24h (open beta) already the cheat was updated, so right right almost the devs here.

Aimbot 100/10
The Aimbot does what it is supposed to do, super legit and you can also very much Ragen, as you want. Not lagy, not bugy or anything else, everything works fine.

ESP 100/10
Esp very very nicely kept + the colors are customizable, I have some problems, the ESP is very very slightly lagy, but think times the light on me and not the cheat.

So cheat is a 10000/10, would always continue to buy, because it is simply the best cheat and the provider that makes what he promises (fast updates, good security, good Performence) so will continue to buy cheats here.

PS: Is a relatively small rating, sorry. :) 
Could write much more, only that would be too much text haha

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