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DAYZ/EFT/Apex Review


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I have had a fair share of damn near ALL of Kernaims cheats, It orignally started when a buddy suggested EFT and this service, and let me say.... EFT WAS A BLASTTTTT, especially if you know friends looking for gear you can boost them through raids and some people would pay you to do it making money to buy another sub 💭 gotta think(;, than I started playing Dayz again I have 3.5hours and 2.5 hours without cheating and the other 1k hours was off and on cheating and this was very nice, cheat got detected and got banned but company renewed me a new sub for confusion which was GREAT, I quit cheating on dayz because ive Battle eye banned 2x and got tired spending $45 on Dayz. Finally Apex my favorite game ever. I bought this to boost my friends in ranked as they wanted Masters or Pred, we're climbing the latters right now theyre decent as they have only made D3 previous seasions, but as of right now, I am BEYOND loving this company for cheats looking forward to see other games they can add soon, soon to test out next, MW2 Warzone (;

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