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Apex Review 07/04


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Happy 4th to everyone is the United States! 

So lets start out with some HONEST pros and cons...


  • ESP and Aimbot have worked for me 100% of the time
  • The cheat developers are ABSOULUTELY honest about detections and updates
  • I am honestly comfortable using this cheat without a spoofer (NOT RECOMMENDED) because of its subtle nature
  • The cheat performs like controller aim-assist even at its lowest smoothing
  • I've used this cheat on the highest aim-bot settings it can go and have used it for 5 weeks straight. No ban, it is probably the only cheat ive used that is truly "undetected"
  • ESP behaves much better than anything ive used in the past. It is very accurate and gives information flawlessly
  • There is ZERO weird req. to run the cheat. Its ALMOST plug and play


  • Aimbots "prediction" is IFFY SOMETIMES
  • If you don't limit your FPS, cheat can stop functioning for 2-3 seconds due to lag
  • You cant go lower than 3 smoothing (which probably is a pro, but for the ragers out there, its a con)
  • I still lose fights because i cant snap fast enough (not a cheat issue, an actual skill issue)

All in all, i can say hands down there are VERY little cons to this cheat. It has run damn near perfect for the duration that i have used it. I will continue to use this until i get banned (hopefully never). I can honestly say i recommend this cheat to anyone who wants to play legit but with a bit of an assist. This will turn you into ImperialHal and ItzTimmy in no time. Definitely do it. Best cheat ive used 9.8/10

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