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Tarkov cheat, honest review.


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I had a few issues starting the cheat on my computer, but the wonderful staff responded swiftly and helped me fix the problems.

The cheat works great, I mainly use the no recoil and loot finder, both of which have no issues.

The ESP is works well too, shows player names, boss names, etc.

I find issue with the aimbot so I do not use it personally. The aimbot itself is great on targets which stand still, though the prediction sometimes does not work well. This could likely be because of the many different ammo types in tarkov, all of which have different velocities. I have no issue hitting headshots when i'm using a fast moving round, such as the 7.62x54mm mosin. Another way I make the prediction work better is by selecting the chest as the hitscan.

There are also many other features such as max strength, thermal vision, etc. All which work really well.

So far, I have not had any issues with anticheat, and will definitely be buying the cheat again.


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